@JohnMayer Still Feel Like Your Man sounds good! nicely Gaye-ish

About 2 weeks ago

NankoSoul in Amersvoort on te%

Popronde 2016 has started!!

We kicked off our Popronde 2016 story with a cool gig in Nijmegen! Big thanks to everyone for coming!
This week we’ll be playing at Eindhoven and Heerlen and a couple more Popronde dates have been added check the shows page for more info, hope to see you at one of the shows!

NankoSoul @Popronde Nijmegen 2016
NankoSoul @Popronde Nijmegen 2016

New dates!

Lots of new dates added, check them out at the ‘shows’ page!

We’ve also been selected for the POPRONDE 2016!!!

‘The Right Time’ out now!

The NankoSoul debut album ‘The Right Time’ is out now on Spotify and iTunes!

We were able to realize this album with the help of all the supporters for our crowdfunding, thank you so much, your support made this possible!